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Strand C: Best Practices in Assessment for the World Language Class

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Strand Leaders: Jamin Lynch and Stefanie Fan

Are you ready to challenge possibly outdated conceptions about assessment? Are you ready to revamp and improve assessment and grading practices in your classroom or department? Do you ever feel your grades don’t accurately reflect what students know and can do? As a continuation of the standards-aligned teaching strategies presented in Strands A and B, Strand C will introduce you to the latest theories and practices of assessment that will reflect and promote you and your student’s growth in proficiency.

What do you need for this strand? You need to have completed Strand A and Strand B (or equivalent), and have a good comprehensive understanding of Three Modes of Communication and the Backward Design model. You also need willingness to take risks in analyzing current grading practices and philosophies, to explore current research and apply it to your own journey, and to reach beyond self Basic knowledge of Differentiation. Last, familiarity with ACTFL proficiency levels and 6 Core Practices is critical. 

This strand is for you if you... Completed Strands A and B Have the readiness to take risks in analyzing current grading practices and philosophies Have the willingness to explore recent research and apply it to your journey Break away from outdated assessment practices Want to explore reaching beyond yourself to find others who are ready progress towards 21st-century assessment practices.