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Stanford World Language Project (SWLP)

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For more than 25 years the Stanford World Language Project (SWLP), formerly known as The Bay Area Foreign Language Program (BAFLP), has been dedicated to promoting quality language teaching and learning with year-round programs for all language teachers of any level. SWLP is led by practicing world language teachers. The proficiency-oriented strategies presented in the seminars and workshops are the ones that they use in their own classrooms. Our goals include:

  • Promoting the learning and teaching of World Languages and Cultures
  • Providing high-quality, Standards-based professional development opportunities for language teachers in the Bay Area
  • Supporting local schools and districts with professional learning and curriculum development for their World Language programs
  • Assisting language teachers to integrate the California World Languages Standards and Framework, the California Common Core State Standards, and 21st Century Skills into their instruction
  • Developing teacher leaders with the dispositions, knowledge, and skills needed to assume the essential roles of planning, implementation, assessment, and promotion of effective language and culture programs
  • Creating a professional learning community of World Language educators for mutual support and collaboration.
  • SWLP is a site of the California World Language Project, affiliated with the California Subject Matter Projects, a network of nine discipline-based statewide projects that support on-going quality professional development.
Eduardo Muñoz-Muñoz, PhD
SWLP Site Director