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Strand B: Thematic Unit Design for the World Language Class

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Strand Leaders: Jenée Fawson and Zoey Liu

More than ever, we need to create a language-rich and supportive learning environment through well-designed units of instruction. Expand on what you learned in Strand A, and acquire more proficiency-oriented instructional strategies to enliven your instruction. Take your lesson planning skills to a higher level and build engaging thematic units that align with the California World Language Standards and Framework. Learn various techniques to provide more robust support for your language learners.

What do you need for this strand? You need to have completed SWLP Strand A and be able to: - Backward design a lesson - Create can-do statements tailored to your lesson - Identify the proficiency levels of your students - Incorporate the three communication modes and 3 Cs (Communication, Culture, and Connection) in your learning activities.

This strand is for you if you... are a new or returning language teacher who wants to develop and improve how you plan and teach effective lessons. - want to learn how the California World Languages Standards and Framework can support and enhance your instruction.