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Strand A: Lesson Design for Effective Strategies for the California Language Teacher

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Strand Leaders: Julia Angeles, Jessica DeLeuw, Hwai Lin and Sally Mearns

Enliven your lessons with a multitude of ready-to-use strategies that promote student engagement and proficiency, as well as social-emotional learning. Learn to design clear, goal-driven lesson plans that align with the California World Languages Standards and Framework and incorporate the three modes of communication. Connect with a community of dynamic world language professionals in a supportive, collegial environment.

What do you need for this strand? Enthusiasm for language teaching and learning; - A desire for professional growth as a language teacher.

This strand is for you if you...  are a new or returning language teacher who wants to develop and improve how you plan and teach effective lessons, and you want to learn how the California World Languages Standards and Framework can support and enhance your instruction.