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Strand S: Success in the Heritage Spanish Classroom

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Strand Leaders: Antonio Tunzi and Michael Silva

Let’s explore the beauty and complexity of the Heritage courses and share Units, materials, and strategies you can use the next day! Acquire and share concepts and strategies for creating engaging and culturally responsive pedagogy. We establish learning outcomes that consider heritage learners’ foundational strengths and knowledge and incorporate current and historical topics on Latin America into the curriculum. Design course materials and practices that promote literacy development and align with the CA World Languages Standards and Framework. A unique feature of this strand is topical presentations from Stanford professors aligned with the Advanced Placement (AP) themes: Identity, Beauty & Esthetics, Climate Change, Science & Technology. Co-sponsored by the Stanford Center for Latin American Studies.

What do you need for this strand? Teaching or having an interest in the Spanish for Heritage Learners courses or AP Spanish Language, or be interested on integrating Heritage Learners in a traditional course. You also need  a foundation on how to lesson plan.

This strand is for you if you... Are interested in seeing how the WL standards can be tailored for heritage learners, would like concrete unit and lesson ideas and strategies for a heritage learners classroom, would like the opportunity to develop or improve a unit for you heritage learners, what to learn from other teachers of heritage learners, would like to learn about historical, cultural and contemporary topics via short presentations in Spanish from Stanford professors.