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Mission and Goals

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The primary mission of CWLP and SWLP is to research best practices for the teaching of languages and cultures and translate findings into effective professional learning programs designed to deepen language educators pedagogical content knowledge in the area of World Language education. The projects places special focus on researching best practices for teaching critical languages and cultures that enable California students to contribute to, and successfully interact within, our diverse society both at home and abroad. In order to carryout their mission, CWLP and SWLP established the following goals:

  • Researching best practices for teaching languages and cultures
  • Strengthening language instruction by deepening teachers’ knowledge and skills
  • Expanding language programs across all segments of California’s education system
  • Supporting students’ development of appropriate language, literacy, cultural and cognitive competencies necessary to effectively communicate within our global society
  • Providing access to world language programs and equitable learning practices, wherein every student has the opportunity to learn another language
  • Involving language and culture educators in professional learning communities that promote leadership, high-quality instruction and respect for diverse ideas